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We offer quality education with moral values

Greenlands founded in 2018 with happy faces of students, Greenlands is one of the premier educational institute of the city. Greenlands is a school that balances traditional values with the best of quality education. Our aim is to educate students with moral values. Our students at all stages are offered a well balanced curriculum that encompasses academic opportunities as well as those in drama, music, art and sport.

Our School is well equipped to deal with future challenges, confident in its present successes and informed by its past tradition. We beleive that learning is authentic and interesting when children are interested to experiment and explore even at their early years. We create an environment where our students experience freedom to enquire, imagine and explore the colours of life.

Our classroom sizes are also very big, in accordance with the norms. Every class has its own activity area and study area apart from the big common play area for all kids. We aim to develop in each child a scientist's mind, a sportman's body, an artist's eye and pilgrim's soul.

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Vision Mission

The aim of the school is to impart integrated and comprehensive education to the budding Youths of India preparing them to envision a World of human dignity, brotherhood and equality.



It lays emphasis on holistic development of the student's character and personality which should normally lead him/her to self awakening and fulfilment.

The School aims at building leaders who are dedicated to the service of he Nation and Humanity firmly rooted in integral values and impeccable disposition.



To provide the best environment, opportunities and infrastructure to students and teachers in pursuit of excellence in scholastic and co-scholastic spheres.

To strive for highest standards in human values, engaging in exclusivity and global outlook, social responsibility and service to the nation through school programs.

Engage all stakeholders, including parents and the community in proactive association to uphold Indian heritage and culture, promote harmony and tolerance and green practices on the school campus.